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The Greek-American Historical Museum of Washington State has completed its fourth year of operation.  What began in 2009 with a few interested persons has evolved into a very successful virtual museum that has been recognized not only within the State of Washington, but around the world.  Regular communication by e-mail is transmitted to a growing list of over 400 supporters and interested parties. 

Following are the achievements of 2013







Basil Anton
Antonios Doskoris
Zoye Fidler
John and Karrie Gormanos
Angelina and Hank Larson
Everett Daughters of Penelope – Amphion Chapter
Dean Lentgis
John Limantzakis
Pantages presentation attendees, October 2013
Eleni Rockas
Rosanne Royer
St.Nicholas coffee hour contributors, February 2013
Steve Sourapas
JoAnn Tryfon

Dean Andrews
Eugene Collias
Ted Dimitriou
Elizabeth Economou
Petro and Colleen Farmasonis
Abby Gray
Andrea Gray
Olivia Grosvenor
Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption, Seattle
Yvonne Hunt        
Terry Karis  
Taso Lagos
Dean Lentgis
Andrew Manos
George Maroutsos
Dorothea Mootafes
Clara Nicon
Joann Nicon
John Nicon
Wanda Pailas
Themio Pallis
Elly Pangis
Carole Polimenakos
Eleni Rockas
Stephanie Sampson
Eleni Schumacher
Evan Skandalis
Alexandros Skoulis
St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Seattle
Faye Stylianopoulos
Panos Takis

We look forward with anticipation to continued success in 2014.

John Nicon, President